We are the detailing specialists and have many of different products for you to aid your cleaning process. From our cold water to our hot water pressure cleaners we have a machine that will save you time and money. Don’t forget about our range of heavy duty vacuum cleaner and shampoo units as well.

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All Spitwater Cleaning Equipment will aid you in the ability to clean up with ease to get your detailing job up to a standard well above your expectations from our cold water units through to our hot water units. Our cold water pressure cleaners really take some beating around your industry. You can have your SPITWATER in either 240V single phase or 415V three phase depending what you have available on site. Detailing is made easy with a SPITWATER the dirt simply comes off quickly with ease. A SPITWATER Hot water pressure cleaner is especially effective with your clean up as it helps break down the build-up of dirt and grime left behind after a day’s driving around. The intense heat and pressure a SPITWATER produces will make the cleaning up of your car, truck even motor bikes easily done so you can get on with other day to day tasks. We can offer you various units to do your job at hand, this will mainly depend on your time available and power on site to the unit we end up recommending to you. SPITWATER will deliver a time saving solution to fix the problem you have at hand Our range of SPITWATER high pressure cleaners are designed to save you time and money. All of our pressure cleaners are designed around our 7 key principals, if they don’t meet these principals when designing we go back and make it better for you the customer

**Some accessories that will aid your cleaning process; **

  • Hose reel- to store extra hose on your machine or mounted externally around the cleaning area. Hose reel are designed to make it easier for you to hold long lengths of hose neat and tidy stored in one accessible location.
  • Longer hose- Standard hose is sometimes not enough 20, 30 or even 100 meters can assist you to get the job done quickly and easily. When you fit longer lengths of hose to your SPITWATER this allow you to move around easier to all areas without moving the pressure cleaner saving you time and money
  • High Pressure Swivel- make it easy on yourself and get a swivel fitted under your gun to stop the hose curling up when cleaning. Health and safety of team members make swivels a must. *Turbo Nozzle- This rotating nozzle will create a higher impact on your surface to be cleaned. This is a chisel style nozzle that really cuts into grease and grime that’s built up on the item you are trying to clean. Turbo nozzles are a must for most cleaning jobs
  • Steam Kit- Allows the SPITWATER hot water pressure cleaner to develop water temperature up 150°C.
  • Short Lance- give the operator the ability to get into tough to reach places. The standard lance sometimes is just too long to manoeuvre around in between your equipment to be cleaned
  • Foamer- Looking to make a visual impact then a high pressure foamer is for you. We can put your cleaning chemical on from a milky foam through to a shaving cream foam. When your cleaning chemicals are foamed on they stay on the surface longer this allows it to work better and give you a better result. If you want things to look fantastic again a high pressure foamer is for you.

Solution Hint A combination of pressure and volume gives you cleaning power the more you have of both the quicker you will clean up. Ask our solution specialist how a turbo nozzle will increase your cleaning efficiency and make your cleaning job that little bit easier

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spitwater chain
spitwater chain
spitwater chain

Key benefits

  • Longer pump life
  • Non-corrosive pump head
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Filter stops debris from scoring pistons and seals
  • Easily monitor pump performance
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Splash Resistant
  • Overheating protection





spitwater chain
spitwater chain
spitwater chain
spitwater chain


spitwater chain
spitwater chain
spitwater chain
spitwater chain
spitwater chain

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