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Spitwater positions itself as the leading provider of high quality pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners and industrial heaters. It focuses on matching client needs with the right machine with an emphasis on benefits as opposed to price only. Spitwater machines are seen as “the one you buy that you know is going to do the job and last”. Spitwater also position itself that end-users can access it products via a reseller channel that knows what they are talking about and have a similar commitment to quality and value for money. The management and staff of Spitwater will provide friendly and professional advice and service for the range of products sold with a commitment to understanding customer needs, quality and delivering on time.

Spitwater provide a workplace that is safe and an enjoyable place to work. Employees are encouraged to “be the best they can be”, work as a team and that their contribution to the business’ success will be recognised.

Spitwater continue to build strong relationships with it’s clients through provision of quality products and professional, proactive sales and customer relationship management activities. In addition to being the market leader to the commercial and industrial sectors for high pressure cleaners Spitwater will provide customers with access to a range of quality products for heaters, dryers and vacuums.


Dear Sir,
I thought the following may be of interest to you and your team at Spitwater. I have noticed that your Radio advertising emphasises..."nearly 30 years". As you will see from the attached purchase invoice, Nov.'86, my Spitwater 100 cold water electric machine is now 26 years old and still going strong to this day. It's first 13 years saw DAILY use in my NSW Molong Piggery and just last week it was cleaning bricks in my Victoria Point residence in Qld. The machine has performed faultlessly in all that time. The only failure that did occur was a burst pressure hose that was fixed with a joiner into the existing hose, probably about 1994. I have been amazed at the longevity provided by the electric motor and pump over all this time. During it's working life in the Piggery I relied on the Spitwater unit immensely. The farm was a Minimal Disease classified Piggery and whilst quite small with around 600-700 pigs on hand at anyone time it was recognised by the NSW Dept. of Agriculture ( Piggy Bank stats.) as the most productive in NSW for a 6 year period on a dressed weight meat sold per sow per year. Cleanliness played a major role in being able to achieve the world best practice standards we attained. Thank you and Congratulations on a great product. You have my permission to use this letter as a testimonial in what ever manner you choose.

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