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Spitwater Products Widely Used for Heavy Descaling of Oxygen Spargers


Client: A large gold mining company based in Papua New Guinea.

Application: Heavy descaling of oxygen spargers (steel pipes) in the autoclaves.

Requirements:The client has asked us to provide a machine with enough pressure and water flow to sufficiently descale the steel pipes in a number of autoclaves. The pipe often becomes blocked with large deposits of scale due to the hardness of the water. The environment inside autoclave pipework is extreme with temperatures reaching 150°C and pH levels as corrosive as stomach acid. The current method of cleaning these spargers is to disassemble and manually scrub them with a large scourer. This process shutdowns the gold refining stage for 3 days costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime. Our solution is going to cut down that time from three days to two hours and without the hassle of removing the spargres off the autoclave.


Solution: The HP6030, a custom built machine running at 600bar @ 30lpm. This machine comes with 10mtrs of R8 wire braided 1/4″ thermoplastic hose with a 10,000psi rated button drain nozzle designed to navigate its way through small pipes. The pressure from the tip of the nozzle unblocks and cleans even the largest deposits of scale off the inner walls of the pipes. The pump is driven by a 50 h.p star-delta electric motor running at 1450rpm coupled to a Pratissoli HF18 high pressure pump. A Hammelmann heavy duty dry cutoff foot valve controls the water flow which gives the operator two hands to control the drain hose.

Spitwater HP6030 Electric Pressure Cleaner


- Spitwater HP6030 Electric Pressure Cleaner

- Pump Pressure: 8700PSI @ 30 lpm

- Engine: 50H.P EFFI Electric Motor @ 52 amps

- Pump Speed: 800 RPM

- 5 Tooth Belt Reduction System

- 100ltr Header Tank

- Low Water Level Cut-Off

- Emergency Stop & Battery Isolator

- Twin Filtration System

- 20mtrs of H.P Hose with pistol safety valve

- Foot Valve with 10mtrs of R8 Drain Hose

Foot Valve:

Foot Valve with Drain Hose and Nozzle

- FU-1000-M Hammelmann Foot Valve

- Rated to 15,000psi @40lpm

- 9kg dry weight

- Powdered Coated Steel Casing

Drain Hose:

- 10mtrs of 8 wire braided ¼” drain hose

- Rated to 16,000psi

- Thermoplastic Outer Coating

Drain Nozzle:

- 4 rear facing, 2 forward facing jets

- Rated to 15,000psi

- 5° forward nozzle offset to help around bends

foot valve with drain hose and nozzle


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